Milani Color Statement Lipstick


I have been collecting these lipsticks ever since I found them at CVS Pharmacy.  There is such a large range of colors to choose from with a total of 36 shades available.  They cost $5.99 each and can be found at select drugstores and at

The lipstick packaging caught my eye with their shiny gold caps and tubes.  They give off a little bit of a vintage vibe.  The scent of sweet melon emerges as soon as the cap is removed.  I honestly don’t mind it and the scent does fade as the lipstick is worn throughout the day.

From Left to Right: Nude Creme, Fruit Punch, Uptown Mauve, Red Label, Sweet Nectar, Orange-Gina

From Left to Right: Nude Creme, Fruit Punch, Uptown Mauve, Red Label, Sweet Nectar, Orange-Gina

I will be reviewing six shades of the 36 available:

Nude Creme- pink nude

Fruit Punch- warm medium pink

Uptown Mauve- red based berry

Red Label- blue undertoned red

Sweet Nectar- bright orange

Orange-Gina- brown orange with gold metallic shimmer

All these shades are very creamy, smooth, and provide a slightly shiny finish.  They all feel moisturizing and no gloss is needed on top!  All the shades except Orange-Gina are pigmented and opaque.  The colors are vibrant and absolutely gorgeous.  About two layers are needed in order to get the color to really pop.  The lipstick isn’t light-weight as they do apply thick but that doesn’t bother me.  The product lasts about 4 hours as long as you don’t eat or drink anything.  The only negative about this lipstick is that it transfers extremely easily.  I wore shade Fruit Punch in the morning one day and after eating my lunch nothing was left on my lips!  I don’t mind reapplying but I am a heavy water drinker lol so I prefer a lipstick that doesn’t transfer so easily.  I was also disappointed that the shades didn’t leave a stain on my lips.


I am wearing shade Sweet Nectar with Orange-Gina on top.

As you can see from the photo above, the color is vibrant and opaque as I have mentioned.  Would I recommend this lipstick?  I would say this lipstick has good quality for the price.  I love the shade variety and how beautiful the colors apply.  CVS Pharmacy also has buy one, get one 50% off deals all the time so you can try many different shades.  If you want a lipstick that will last through lunch I would recommend more of a liquid lipstick.  Overall, I am happy with this product.

Thanks for reading! Leave me comments and questions! You all rock!


11 thoughts on “Milani Color Statement Lipstick

  1. Just coming from your About Me page! That face looking orange thing has happened to me too!!! Not in school though, because, where I come from, we wear uniforms and using makeup (even for girls) can get you a trip to the disciplinary teacher’s office. :O
    Sadly we don’t have Milani here. 😦 I can surely browse through Instagram shops that ship and sell them here but they’re always way too overpriced.

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