Double Review: Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Shimmer Palette and Photo Focus Eyeshadow


The Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection has a wide range of products available that I have never tried before.  They looked so gorgeous I couldn’t pass them up!  I bought the Too Reflect Shimmer Palette for $5.79 and Photo Focus Eyeshadow for $4.99 from Walgreens.  I believe these can be found at select drugstores including Walgreens, Walmart, and Target.

To Reflect Shimmer Palette



I bought shade Rose Champagne Glow which includes swirls of pink, peach, and champagne beige.  When applied the product looks like a light pink shimmer.  The shade is very pretty and provides a natural glow.  This is the perfect product to use for highlighting but I wouldn’t recommend it for strobing as I don’t think it is dramatic enough.  The texture of the product is a powder and it applies easily with a brush.  It also blends easily.  The only negative to this product is that it is not long-lasting.  It lost some of its shimmer throughout the day and I had to re-apply.  Overall, this product provides a very pretty natural highlight for fair skin and I am a fan!

Photo Focus Eyeshadow



From left to right: Gold, Silver, Light Green, Medium Green, Dark Gray

I bought the eyeshadow palette in Camouflage Couture, which is one of the newest palettes to be added to the Fergie Collection.  The shades included a variety of shimmer and glitter finishes.  The dark gray, silver, and gold shades all have silver glitter.  The gold shade is the only one I don’t like because it is pure glitter and has very little pigmentation.  The medium green and light green colors are shimmery and are my favorite from this palette.  The eyeshadow has okay pigmentation as it requires several layers to really get the colors to pop. The eyeshadow is long-lasting when used over primer.  There is some fall-out with the glitter shades.  Overall, I would say this eyeshadow does have good quality for the price.


In the photo above, I am wearing the medium green shade on the lid and lower lashline.  I applied the dark gray on the crease and then the light green on the inner corners.  The shades go very well together and I really like the looks that can be created with them.  I am also wearing the Too Reflect Shimmer palette in the above photo.  I applied it to my forehead, nose, chin, and right above the blush on my cheeks.  Would I recommend these products?  I would say that they are not holy grail products but they are very pretty and worth a try considering the price.

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