Maybelline Master Kajal Eyeliner


I wasn’t planning on buying this eyeliner until I saw it in store and the color caught my eye!  The blue looked so gorgeous and I’ve always wanted to try a kajal eyerliner!  There is four shades to choose from and I bought color Navy Night.  You can find this eyeliner at any drugstore for $7.99.

The term Kajal is used in parts of India and also means Kohl.  Kajal/Kohl being used for eyeliner has been around for centuries.  Per Vogue magazine, “Ancient recipes called for the grinding of various pigments to be stored in a bottle then applied with a wand or by hand.”  Many high-end brands are coming out with kajal eyeliners including Guerlain, Laura Mercier, and Yves Saint Laurent.  What I love about these is that they all have the cone shape to them.  There is also low-end brands that have kohl eyeliners but only a few actually have the cone shape.

The cone shape of this Maybelline eyeliner means that it must be applied differently than your usual eyeliners.  The sharper point of the eyeliner is meant for the lower lash line.  The eyeliner then must be used sideways for the upper eye lid to create a thick line.  It is also required that the eyeliner be rotated with each use in order to prolong the cone shape.  I used these techniques and it worked great! I love the the thick lines that it created!  It was also quite easy to create a little wing with this eyeliner.


Master Kajal eyeliner in shade Navy Night.

The formula of this eyeliner is creamy and applies smooth.  The pigment of the shade was lacking as I had to apply several layers to get the color to pop.  Kajal eyeliners are known to have intense pigment so I was quite disappointed.  The eyeliner also did not have long-lasting power.  The color faded and smudged after about 3 hours of wearing the product.  Maybelline claims the eyeliner is waterproof but that was not the case with my experience.  The eyeliner easily comes off with water.

Wearing Master Kajal Eyeliner is Navy Night,

Wearing Master Kajal Eyeliner is Navy Night.

In the above photo, I am wearing the eyeliner in Navy Night and also Kat Von D liquid liner in Trooper for added definition.  Overall, I really wanted a kajal eyeliner so that I could create a dramatic eye look with less products on lazy days.  This means I need an eyeliner that is pigmented and lasts.  This eyeliner failed with both!  I am disappointed with the product and would not recommend it.  This eyeliner is not worth the price.

Thanks for reading!  Have you tried any cone shaped kajal/kohl eyeliners? Which are your favorites?


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