Sephora Collection Brow Thickener


This brow thickener is Sephora’s newest brow product and I had to have it when I saw it in-store.  I couldn’t pass it up because of the low price and I’ve never seen a brow product that looked like this before.  It costs only $12.00 for a 0.035 oz tube.  There is three shades to choose from: 01 Blonde, 02 Medium Brown, 03 Brunette.  I will be reviewing shade Brunette, which is the darkest in the color options.


Let’s start with the applicator that comes with this product.  It is a foam applicator which is a bit odd because brow products are usually applied with brushes.  I was surprised that the applicator actually works perfectly with the brow powder and applies it very nicely.  I used it to not only fill in my brows but to also create lines to add shape as well.  The only problem with this applicator is that it picks up too much product so the powder will get all over your face if the excess is not wiped off.  To apply this product, I usually dip it into the powder once and use that on one eyebrow and then I dip it again for the next eyebrow.  The first application of the day ALWAYS picks up more product!  This made one of my eyebrows darker than the other because I didn’t wipe off the excess.


The formula of the product is a brow powder.  The texture is very smooth and it adheres to eyebrows very well.  Sephora states the powder is sheer but I have to disagree.  It is pigmented and applies quite opaque.  I would say the shade is perfect for us ladies with very dark hair.  The product did make my eyebrows look more dramatic but I am heavy handed when I apply products   If the excess product is wiped off and you are not heavy handed when applying this product it can look more natural.  The formula is long-lasting as it lasted all day on my eyebrows without any touch-ups.


In the photo above I have nothing but the brow thickener on my eyebrows.  I would say it made a huge difference in my eyebrows.  The product made them look darker, thicker, and shaped.  My eyebrows are quire sparse so I am impressed by how well this worked!  I will say an eyebrow comb is necessary when using this product to assist with shaping.  Overall, I am happy with this product and I would recommend it!  It has great quality for the low-price.  Why not give it a try?

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